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Dr. Strange: A Leading Ophthalmologist

Doctor Taylor Strange is a leading innovative ophthalmologist. After graduating with honors from the University of Texas, he has made it his goal to assist in the recovery and maintenance of vision. Dr. Strange is known precisely for his welcoming demeanor towards his patients. He specializes in all laser LASIK, PRK, refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery, and laser cataract surgery.

The Latest Technology

Dr. Strange utilizes the latest advancements in technology regarding eye care and offers a wide range of services. There are several tools that he uses that assist him in identifying and treating specific problems with his patients’ vision. The symfony lens is an in-depth focus lens that restores a full range of vision, and this is something that Dr. Strange offers to his patients after cataract surgery.

Dry eyes are a very common issue that Dr. Strange has a lab for. His dry eye care center of excellence consists of a tear lab that can measure your eye’s dryness, dry eye therapies, and advanced diagnostic imaging for cataract patients are some of the treatments he has to offer. Routine eye exams for patients with glaucoma, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and diabetes-related eye complications are specialty cases for Dr. Strange.

A Personalized Approach

Dr. Strange is a devoted family man and holds these same values when interacting with his patients. He also conducts premier seminars annually to lead in the advances for eye care. Financial status shouldn’t preclude anyone from having great vision, and this is why Dr. Strange offers financing options that can assist you financially. His office also accepts medicare.

A personalized approach is what you can expect from Dr. Strange when it comes to the care and treatment of his patients. With years of experience in cataract surgery and treatment for a broad range of issues, he has a keen sense and remarkable precision to identify and care for your particular problem.

Dr. Taylor Strange

Dr. Taylor Strange

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