Eye Exam

An annual eye exam is important for maintaining your health and early detection of eye diseases. The staff at Heritage Family Eye Care offers non-invasive eye exams in a friendly and welcoming environment. We are your local, neighborhood eye doctor and treat our patients like family. Call us at 817-741-2020 to schedule an appointment.

Reasons for an Exam

Annual Basis
An annual eye examination is the most important thing you can do to protect your vision. Dr. Colvin believes that dilation is a necessary part of your annual eye health examination. We offer the Optomap as an alternative for those patients who are not able to have their eyes dilated.
Early Detection
Dr. Colvin can detect changes or problems early when they are most treatable to ensure that your vision is maintained at an optimal level. She can also give you tips on reducing eye strain and caring for your eyes.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Eye Ailments
Dr. Colvin provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment procedures, including all forms of conjunctivitis (pinkeye), cataract consultation, glaucoma consultation and treatment, binocular vision and Strabismus (misaligned eyes) training.

Children's Eye Exams

Children & Infants
Dr. Colvin also performs children’s eye exams for children 5 years and older. However, she recommends all children are seen between the ages of 1-3 by a pediatric ophthalomogist.

School-age children and adolescents should have their vision checked before they enter the first grade. Thereafter, yearly eye exams will help ensure an optimal learning experience.

Because of conditions such as amblyopia, infants should have their eyes examined by a pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist at one year of age.

We recommend Dr. Eric Packwood & Dr. Michael Hunt of Pediatric Eye Specialists. They specialize in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. Phone 817-878-5454 to contact their office.

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