Heritage Family EyeCare carries a large variety of glasses and sunglasses. Each of our patients have a unique personality, and we believe that your glasses can be a form of self-expression. In addition to the staples, we carry glasses that can be worn while playing active sports, flexible frames that are durable and hard to break, high fashion designs, and glasses for children. Our ABO Certified Opticians will help you select a pair of glasses that provide the best possible vision and look amazing. We have one of the largest collections of glasses in the area. We carry 1,000+ frames and we will special order frames to fit your particular style.  Stop in today and find your perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses!


We carry approximately 1,000+ frames in stock and will have a frame in a style and price range for everyone

Lightweight, impact and scratch resistant.
Strong, flexible frames that are lightweight and impervious to rust
Lightweight, comfortable and nearly invisible – the next best thing to not wearing glasses.
Kids have their own sense of fashion and special needs, such as flexible hinges to reduce breakage.
Sturdier than most regular frames and not easily bent or broken.
We carry many styles of plastic and metal frames


Light weight, impact and scratch resistant.
Trivex has the impact resistance and inherent UV protection of polycarbonate. With a lower index of refraction, Trivex may be slightly thicker than polycarbonate, but is lighter, and can be surfaced to the same 1mm center thickness. Trivex rises above polycarbonate with both its optical quality and suitability for drill mounting.
Thinnest possible material for patients who require a strong prescription. Hi-Index is a dense material that bends light more efficiently than plastic or polycarbonate. This means that a thin hi-Index lens can have the same prescriptions as a thick plastic or polycarbonate lens. The optical quality of hi-index is superior to polycarbonate.
Weigh less than glass lenses for more comfort.
No distracting lines as in regular multi-focal lenses, so your vision is uninterrupted for distance, reading and everywhere in between.
Photochromic lenses respond to UV rays by automatically changing from nearly clear to sunglass-dark.
Suffering from blurred vision at the computer? These lenses can reduce eyestrain caused by your eyes struggling to focus in the mid-range of your vision. We carry BluTech lenses and other coatings that limit your exposure to harmful blue rays emitted by computers and phones.
Usually made from polycarbonate and very unlikely to break. Also helps to protect against eye injuries. We carry Safety Frames and Lenses as well as Children’s sports glasses – polycarbonate, impact resistant.
Many lenses can be treated with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, water repellent or UV coatings.

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